6-Section Emergency Repair Clamp Kit


  • Elimination of pipe accidents from the outer diameter of 86 mm to 768 mm by the clamps of this box without the need for special clamping of the damaged pipe
  • Extensive employment range
  • Used in the elimination of accidents where the outer diameter of the pipe is not known before the excavation of the desired location and is determined after excavation and measurement.
  • Very easy and fast assembly and installation
  • Can be used for all pipes made of cast iron, steel, asbestos, polyethylene, etc.
  • Ability to buy used jaws and complete the box

types of:

  1. 6-jaw emergency box clamp, working load 86-768 mm and length 300 mm
  2. 6-jaw emergency box clamp with working range of 86-768 mm and length 400 mm

In addition, the length of the clamps can be designed and produced according to customers’ requests.

Six clamps (sizes F, E, D, C, B, A) that can be combined to repair and seal pipes with an outer diameter of 86mm to 768mm

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