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6 jaw,Emergency Repairs Clamp Box


  1. Removal of pipe accidents from external diameter ranging from 86mm to 768mm by the clamps available in this box without any need to specific clamping of the damaged pipe
  2. Extended range of fixture
  3. Used in removing the accidents in which external diameter of pipe may not be specified until before excavation of the concerned area and will be specified after excavation and measurement
  4. Easy and prompt assembling and installation
  5. Capable to be used for all types of pipes including cast-iron, steel, asbestos, polyethylene
  6. Possibility of purchasing used jaws and complete boxes, etc.

six clamps in A, B, C, D,E,F and E sizes by combination of which the pipes with diameters ranging from 86 mm to 768mm may be repaired and sealed.

Furthermore, clamps can be designed and produced at the length recommended by customers


IMG 0009 IMG 0030