Introduction of a company

Sayyal Peivand Anahita Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with the aim of cutting the country’s dependence on foreigners and also providing services to the country’s water and sewage industry, after two years of double research and effort, succeeded in designing and producing various types of sealing clamps and splitting clamps competitive with European countries. And started operating in 2008 in Khorramdareh industrial town of Zanjan province. At present, this company, relying on the scientific and practical power of the experts of the engineering design unit and the engineers of its production unit and laboratory, and having a complete metallurgy laboratory and a specialized laboratory for pressure and leakage testing of clamps and splitters, designs and produces various types of clamps. Has made sealing clamps and branch clamps from 44 mm in diameter to 2000 mm in diameter and also announces its readiness to design and produce various specialized clamps.

Different parts of the company:

The Commerce and Sales Unit, under the management of Ms. Sattarian, as the beating heart of Anahita Fluid Transplant Company, has a mission to create a safe and beneficial market for the company and its customers by knowing and being aware of the environmental and environmental conditions, and to provide growth and development.

This unit sells its products by entering the list of manufacturers approved by public and private companies that operate in the field of water and sewage, oil and petrochemicals, etc. Sales take place in two general ways, participating in tenders and responding to price inquiries received from the sales unit.

Product engineering refers to the process of design, production and development of parts, which ultimately leads to the production of a product with high reliability and quality.

The design and engineering unit of Sayyal Peivand Anahita Company, with the support of the forces in charge of various design software and related standards, and using experts with experience in the field of mechanical engineering and metallurgy, has produced products with long service life and reliable performance. Manufacturing and self-sufficiency of new products, has taken a big step in self-sufficiency and internalization of parts and assemblies required by its customers.

The quality control and laboratory unit of Fluid Anahita Company, by equipping its laboratory and quality control center in the factory, seeks to provide a quality product in accordance with national and international standards, and has always set its goal to improve the quality of products and maintain and maintain it. Is. This section includes the following laboratories.

1- Quantum laboratory (for analysis of parts and metals)

2- Metallography laboratory (to study the structure of metals)

3- Specialized laboratory for testing all types of sealing and branching clamps

4. Rubber testing laboratory

The production unit of Sayyal Peivand Anahita Company is organized on the basis of product-based production. In this method of organization, which is also called flow or continuous method, production costs are reduced, more direct production routes are created and quality control is improved. . This section includes the following sections.

1- Production part of clamps and forks
2- Rubber production part
3- Manshoon seal production part
4- Parts pressing part

Sayyal Peivand Anahita Company warehouse unit is based on responsibility for manufactured goods and maintenance of raw materials. High quality management decisions and specialized manpower working in this unit has a positive impact on the quality of manufactured goods and delivery time to the customer This section includes the following sections.

1- Warehouse of parts and supplies
2. Warehouse of raw materials
3. Products warehouse

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