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Sayyal Peyvand Anahita (Private Joint Stock Company) with the aim of cutting the country’s dependence on foreigners and also providing services to the country’s water and sewage industry, after two years of double research and effort, succeeded in designing and producing various types of sealing clamps and splitting clamps competitive with European countries. And started operating in 2008 in Khorramdareh industrial town of Zanjan province.
At present, this company, relying on the scientific and practical power of the experts of the engineering design unit and the engineers of its production unit and laboratory, and having a complete metallurgy laboratory and a specialized laboratory for pressure and leakage testing of clamps and splitters, designs and produces various types of clamps. Has made sealing clamps and branch clamps from 44 mm in diameter to 2000 mm in diameter and also announces its readiness to design and produce various specialized clamps.

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